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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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good afternoon, sarah is off, in the news, the search is on for a chester county pastor accused of sexually assaulting a
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minor who he met during his work in arizona. a bucks county restaurant was completely destroyed in an early-morning fire. plus the big story on "action news" is breaking news at this hour, a would-be robber is dead another in police custody after a holdup went wrong. it happened at 8:30 at miss jesse's stop and shop in south philadelphia. chad perdelli is live at the scene with the details. chad. >> reporter: rick, police detective's and crime scene investigators remain on the scene they are waiting to get into the corner shot mrs. jesse's stop and shop. they are awaiting a search warrant to get inside to look for evidence. the police say the shooting happened 8:30 a.m., three men entered the store announced a robbery. the other than was armed with a gun, he fired are a shot and hit the suspect in the head killing him. another suspect fled and third
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suspect was taken into custody. the suspect along with the store owner were taken in for questioning. they are putting crime scene tape up and evidence markings. two weapons were recovered on scene, atf is here to investigate that. schools in the immediate area were placed on lockdown. i spoke to the spokesman for the philadelphia school district a short time ago, the lockdown was lifted an hour after the shooting. the store owner was uninjured. names of those involved has not been released. i did speak to the neighbors in the area, they say the store owner is a nice guy, he works with his wife. they wouldn't give his name. he is a guy you wouldn't want to mess with and he was armed with a weapon and now one suspect is dead. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." police in chester county are looking for this man,
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33-year-old jake maloney, a pastor accused of rape and sexual assault. he met his victim at a church in arizona and invited her to stay with the family years later when he moved to minnesota. he moved to chester county in july 2014. he invited the victim to live with him once again, the victim said he began sexually assaulting her that fall. police believe he is aware of the warrant out for his arrest and may have fled the state. philadelphia police will work the streets in pairs after the claim that the gunman who ambushed an officer on the street last week may be connected to a larger radical group. katherine scott is live at philadelphia police headquarters with more. >> reporter: rick we spoke to the police commissioner here this morning, they said they are concerned about the tip. they don't know what to make of it yet.
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philadelphia police and the fbi are investigating. just days after the shooting of 18th district officer jesse hartnett police across the city are on alert. an unnamed woman stopped an officer saturday night to report a group of radicalized muslim men may be targeting police. there might not be anything to it, but we're not taking he any chances with that. we have to prick our police officers and that's par month. . the woman said the threat is not over that the offender who shot jesse hartnett is part of a group that consists of three others and archer is not the most radical of the four. archer was charged with attempted murder for the attack in the name of islam. the report the three males frequent the 6100 block of pine. for police to be careful. officers are patrolling in
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pairs. the tipster said archer was part of a mosque on 60th street but became more radical after he attended this mosque at 45th and walnut where islamic charitable is headquartered. he said he doesn't know archer he has an open door pole policy, it is possible that he has come here for classes or prayer, but the center denounces his actions. we take no other stance other than moderation and preach against extremism. the extreme ideology that promotes actions that we witnessed. >> reporter: as for officer jesse hartnett he remains at the hospital. he needs more surgery on his arm. the commissioner said there's
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been an outpouring of support for the officer not just in our area, but well wishers across the country. rick. thank you , a bucks county restaurant was destroyed by flames. the fire broke out at the hong kong buffet bustleton pike in feasterville. the flames caused the roof to collapse. nobody was hurt, but the restaurant is a total loss. annie mccormick will have more from the scene at 12:30. on the weather front we're starting out the workweek with wintry conditions, bundle up if you're heading out. sky6 live hd looking live at the center city skyline where there's an afternoon mixture of sun, clouds, and cold. temperatures are only in the 30s, but add in the windchill it's enough to make you shiver. winter back at least for now. with more on the frigid digits, david murphy at the big board. >> reporter: what a difference a day makes, yesterday people were walking around in t-shirts. not today.
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not a lot going on on storm tracker 6 live. i want to point out these aerials of precipitation are rolling in off the great lakes and moving from the west. that's the strong gusty wind it's down in our latitude and a major part of the weather story today. let's get a look at the wind gusts coming out of the west the way the snow is blowing. 30-mile an hour in philadelphia just win the last ten minutes or so, a 29-mile an hour gust in wilmington. we're topping out at 30 right now. i think through the afternoon we may actually see gusts going as high as 35 miles per hour. definitely windy and also cold. 4 degrees in philadelphia. still below freezing in allentown, trenton and reading. 34 in millville. when you factor in the wind it feels like 24 degrees in philadelphia and we still have windchills in the teens up north. when we come back we'll talk about temperatures and windchills are going the rest of the afternoon. even though it gets milder tomorrow we're on the look out
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for snow showers in parts of the region. i'll tell you what that hits us coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. thank you,. in other news, people around the world are mourning the loss of a music legend. rock and roll icon david bowie has been entertaining fans for more than four decades. over the weekend he lost his secret battle against cancer. elizabeth hur has more on his career and legacy. >> reporter: four decades legendary musician david bowie entertained audiences around the world with favorites including young americans and his first hit changes. ♪ he was a renaissance man, a superstar. i believe his death will be on par with jfk and elvis'. >> reporter: his biography said the sinker was magnificent.
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david camera ronald calling him -- cameron calling him the genius of reinvention. genius is an over used word, but creatively artistically david bowie was a genius. >> reporter: born david jones in south london his unique sound inspired mick jagger to madonna from singing to acting he did it all. last friday on his 69th birthday he released his 250th and final album black star. the album reportedly a carefully planned finale a parting gift to his fans. david bowie is survived by his wife super model imam and two children. his family said he died late last night peacefully after a
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courageous 18 month battle with cancer. in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for channel 6 "action news." david bowie's life and career had a connection to philadelphia. two of his albums were produced here. the first live album was the recorded at the tower theater in upper darby in 1974. in august he returned to philadelphia to record his album young americans at the sigma sound studios in center. he was taking a break from his diamond dog tour and renamed it the philly dog tour. he used footage from his concert at the spectrum in philadelphia for his music video modern life. we'll have more on david bowie on our website. our cover annual -- coverage continues at much more to come on "action news" at noon. if it it wasn't big enough, the
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houston, texas looking live as rescue crews are working to rescue two window washers after something went wrong with the scaffolding they were standing on. two men were on the scaffolding, we are looking live from the chopper view. in a moment we hope to pan down the camera to his the scaffolding with the two window washers on it, hanging very high up from a sky scraper in houston, texas. they are expected to be rescued safely. there's not a lot of drama here, but it's a tedious process. two men hanging from scaffolding after something we want wrong washing windows of the sky scraper. we'll bring you more as it becomes available from houston texas. mexican officials say it could take up to a year to
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extradite one of the most infamous drug lords to the united states. joaquin "el chapo" guzman was caught on friday. authorities tracked him down thanks to contact between "el chapo" and sean penn. penn met with "el chapo" to discuss the movie based on only the drug lord's life. now penn is coming under fire. the an american actor wants to off and on over a drug trafficker in their interview, i find it grotesque. we find actors who were not surprised by the hollywood twist. there's a new pet -- petition for ethan couch to be tried as an adult. mothers against drunk drivers launched a petition today saying it his case doesn't belong in
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juvenile court. he is facing deportation to the u.s. back from mexico. he fled across the border while on probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. the fbi said cell phone number and social media led to the arrest of a jewelry thief. abgail lee kemp stole at least $4 million in jewelry across the south. the iexpiring model was arrested in georgia. federal agents discovered cell tower locations that put her near all the robberies and used photos that matched her honda and there was additional help who recognized her pictures. how is someone doing this in 2015 robbing jewelry stories.
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authorities took a possible accomplice into custody. he acted as a lookout during the robbery. eagles look for a permanent replacement for chip kelly. tom coughlin is expected to interview for the bird's open possession. yesterday doug peterson interviewed. he was an assistant for head coach andy reid for four years before following him to kansas. clej championship is up -- college football championship is up for grabs tonight. the clemson tigers take on alabama for the top prize. you can watch it all on our sister station espn kickoff in glendale, arizona at 8:30 tonight. volkswagen c.
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he o has apologized for the emissions scandal that made international headlines. software to cheat emissions tests were installed on 100 million cars worldwide. he made the apology on the night of the detroit auto show, the largest auto show in the county. turning to "healthcheck" with the lottery jackpot at historical high many are succumbing to lottery fever. your brain is not worried about
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taking open the big prize. there are hormones that are released when we about taking open a winner. alicia vitarelli was in the newsroom, how was your weekend? >> reporter: very well, we have many sad people over the death of david bowie. you know david bowie had a long history in philadelphia. we'll talk to people who were participant of it all as they share their memories of the rock icon. charles ramsey, he left his post from the philadelphia police department, the new job the commissioner just took. you can watch us live streaming
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on your smart phone or tablet. rick we'll talk about the next episode of the bachelor, i talked to ben see what's looking for. all right, alicia. looking live at philadelphia international, sunny, but cold over the runways, david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back stay with us.
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yesterday i want jogging in a t-shirt, today if i go running i'll wear my hoodie. >> reporter: you will go running from the cold. i bet you looked great in that. i do. >> reporter: oh, i bet. we'll be talking about the potential for precipitation tomorrow. right now looking outside, we have pretty picture, canada geese or ducks on the ponds
12:25 pm
there. this is the preserve pond, blue skies over the pond this morning. it's cold, 34 degrees is the noon number, winds out of the west at 16 gusting 20 to 30, may be higher than that as we go through the afternoon. that's giving you windchills in the low to mid 20s. 34 in philadelphia. 33 in wilmington. 30 below freezing in allentown. 31 in reading. 29 in lancaster and 31 in trenton. down the shore we have milder readings, closer 35 to 40. even there the wind will be strong and make it feel cooler. lots of sunshine. the clouds to the north and west will not make a run at us, now looks like we'll maintain mostly sunny skies the rest of the way. don't be fooled as you look out the window, you'll need layers and good winter gear as you head outside. sun and clouds in the lehigh valley, windy and cold high of 33. windchills in the teens and low
12:26 pm
20s. down the shore, 39 degrees in atlantic city on the boardwalk. wind and cold today, sun and clouds. and in philadelphia, we're going with that mainly sunny mix with mainly a couple of high clouds filtering later in the day. windy and cold, 37 degrees, winds gusting as high as 35 miles per hour. the windchill, again, will make it feel well down in the 20s for most of the day. mainly clear and cold tonight, the winds fall back the overnight low getting back down to 25 degrees, we'll not be talking about severe windchills tomorrow morning, but you'll need the winter gear. in the forecast periods we'll have the evening commute, cold, 35 degrees by 4:00 p.m. 32 at 5:30. and 31 at 7:00 p.m. and windy through the evening rush hour. tomorrow through the morning looks like we're mainly dry with clouds increasing, temperatures are actually going to rise up into the 40s, but we'll have enough cold air in place and enough instability with a little
12:27 pm
arctic clipper system coming through, that at times in the afternoon and in the evening there will be some spotty passing snow showers. we'll see some rain mixing in with this wet snow around i-95. the farther north you go if you get caught with some of this it could stay as straight snow. doesn't look like we'll get a lot of out of this and it is over by 10:00 p.m. at night. some of you in the northern areas could see a coating. i know this is mainly on grass, i meant to change this to tomorrow night. even though we're looking at mainly accumulations on grass, you want to take it slow if that is falling and you're driving around tomorrow night. windier and colder today. tomorrow, 44 degrees. we have rain and wet snow shower in the afternoon and evening and all snow shower up north here and there. blustery and cold on wednesday, 31. the most uncomfortable day of the week, as windchills will make it feel like we're in the teens for much of the time.
12:28 pm
on thursday, we're up to 38. 46 opry, increasing clouds and mild this weekend. 50 saturday, 46 sunday there could showers around saturday lingering into sunday. more news when we come right back.
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here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" at 12:30. new surveillance images shows a man linked to an attempted carjacking at a local wawa, the second in weeks. a fire destroys a popular bucks county buffet, other businesses are damaged. annie mccormick heard from a brielgd shop that is a-- bridal shop that is assessing their losses. live look at cape may, new jersey, some folks were walking the beaches yesterday in short sleeves. first developing story, a store owner in south philadelphia shot and killed a robbery suspect. it it went down at 8:30 on the 900 block of south 12th street. three gunman tried to hold up the place, the other than had a gun and shot one in the head. the second suspect was captured. two weapons were recovered at the scene. nearby schools were put on
12:31 pm
lockdown, the lockdown has been lifted. day with "action news" and for updates on the deadly confrontation. new information about the suspect wanted in an attempted carjacking at a bucks county wawa yesterday. authorities say it's not the first time he struck at this store. take a look at the mann in the picture on the wawa route 1 at old lincoln highway in trevose. i tried to push the driver to the passenger seat after she was pumping gas. she screamed and witnesses came to her aid. the suspect got away, but was connected to a carjacking at the same carjacking back on december 30th. during that attack he used a knife and forced a man to drive to several atm ps to withdraw money. a strip mall blaze fire left a restaurant in ruin and damaged neighboring stores. annie mccormick has more from feasterville.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: several businesses including the dress shop are coming to work today to assess the damage from the fire that began next-door at the hong kong king buffet. firefighters on the scene of a one alarm blaze that broke out at the hong kong king buffet after 1:00 a.m. this is what the inside of the popular chinese restaurant looks like now. the fire marshal said it's a total loss. part of the ceiling collapsed even though crews prevented flames from spreading smoke and water damage has devastated the stores in the strip mall. glass and porcelain figurenes will have to be cleaned by hand. the store is everything to me, it is what we worked for and we made it pacifically we were talking about how we just put in the last nail into the store and now we don't know if it is going to be already to run.
12:33 pm
>> reporter: speaking to us from the original location only yards away unaffected by the fire, the mother and daughter owner say their bridal shop is okay, but the new information had prom inventory about 2500 dresses similar to the design. the owners have not gone inside to assess the damage, they will run everything out out of the bridal store and take care of the customers. we'll take care of the customers who ordered they will not lose their money. >> reporter: david's bridal said we want to insure all customers we will meet all obligations that are due in the future we'll be reaching out in the next 24 hours with an update about merchandise, orders an appointments. firefighters say luckily nobody was injured and nobody was inside at the time. also no firefighters were injured even though the cold temperatures made for hazardous
12:34 pm
conditions like ice. reporting in feasterville, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." we have breaking news to pass along now from pennsauken, camden county, chopper 6 over the scene of an overturned tanker truck near 130 south near park drive. was carrying fuel and it has leaked fuel all over the highway. because of the haz/mat emergency crews were called to the scene to respond. we are not sure if there are any injuries at this hour. as you pull out, the traffic is rerouted. route 130 south near park drive is shut down asaz/mat crews respond. the truck is leaking fuel all over the highway. we'll bring you more information from pennsauken in new jersey.
12:35 pm
this is surveillance video showing a suspect outside the eagle gas station last thursday. the man tied a rope around the atm and ripped the machine from its anchor and loaded it to his car and drove away. chopper 6 over a crash this morning in philadelphia's west oak lane section. two cars collided at 68th avenue and broad street. a 57-year-old man was taken to einstein for treatment. police are sorting out what caused the wreck. the investigation continues. well a short time ago, the powerball jackpot climbed to 1.4 billion dollars. there's a good reason to buy a ticket in pennsylvania, because the keystone state does not tax lottery winnings if you buy the ticket in pennsylvania. the prize money is taxable on the federal level you'll be in the top bracket 39.6%. the 1.4 billion dollar is
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wednesday night, we'll show you the numbers on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. turning to the weather what a difference 24 hours can make. this time yesterday it felt like springtime. are we remember basking in the 60s, shattering records everywhere. this morning an arctic blast has settled in. sky6 live hd taking a peek at center city where there's sunshine, if you head out bundle up because we're flirting with the freezing mark out there. david murphy is outside as well with more on the plummeting temperatures. >> reporter: it feels colder on the terrace, especially when you consider the wind blowing around. let's start you out on satellite, up in scranton an allentown we're looking at bright sunshine. most of the day across the region will be under the dominant sun. the winds are gusting. 30 mierl in philadelphia. -- in mile an hour in philadelphia. 29 in wilmington. at times we may see the winds jump up to 35 miles per hour.
12:37 pm
it's a shoulder huncher of a day. t. are cold, 34 in philadelphia. below freezing in trenton allentown and reading. 33 in wilmington. of course this represents a major drop after yesterday we are 28 degrees colder in philadelphia this noon versus yesterday at noon where we wound up getting into the 60s much of the region. the arctic air is definitely back. the windchills is the big factor. feels like 24 in philadelphia. still in the teens in lancaster, allentown and trenton and not much better in reading. bundle up if you have plans heading out. when i step inside we'll talk about where the numbers are going and how high the temperatures are going. we have a milder day on tap, but oddly enough we'll see snow showers late in the day and at night. i'll take a look at that, rick. as always you can find live seven-day forecast at
12:38 pm mexico is beginning the process of extraditing drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman to the u.s. he was captured last week. meantime new details are emerging about his secret meeting with actor sean penn that helped mexican security track him down. the mexican attorney general's office confirmed that the process to extradite "el chapo" to the u.s. has begun. he is back in the high security prison the same one he escaped from 6 months ago. his meeting with sean penn led to his recapture. penn working for rolling stone interviewed him three months ago. the kingpin was trying to land a movie deal about his life shopping it around to producers
12:39 pm
and actors. mexican authorities were tracking his visitors to "el chapo." he said it is not uncommon for actors to have meetings like this. anyone who is an artist and understanding the nature and behavior would want to talk to anyone like that. i don't want to throw any actors under the bus, but i know a lot of actors and filmmakers who have been having meetings like this forever. to quick him of harboring a fugitive you need evidence that he helped him aided him gave him money sheltered him. not just to say he met with him. >> reporter: penn is not commenting on the case since guzman was capture. karen travers abc news washington. the playboy mansion is for sale, but owner hugh heftner has a request if you buy it.
12:40 pm
the bachelor talked to alicia vitarelli about the toughest part looking for love, what his lady must be like. those stories and rocky reigned at the golden globes, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan.
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if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit macy's store in ardmore started this morning. macy's is shutting down 40 stores nationwide and cutting 4,000 jobs because of disappointing sales last year. they blame the warm weather for slower sales of cold-weather items. the playboy mansion is up for sale, but there's a catch, long time resident hugh heftner wants to stay put. the estate in west los angeles was listed for $200 million. the five acre property features 29 rooms, game house, home theater and wine cellar and
12:43 pm
famous swimming pool. he wants to continue to live there. the company bought the mansion 40 years ago for over a million dollars. the sale comes as playboy seeks to reinvent itself amid huge drops in sales. on 6abc, it's an all new bachelor, ben is looking for love. alicia vitarelli is over at the big board with a preview. you talked to ben via satellite. >> reporter: i did. i wanted to find out about what he is looking for. he said it's all about the benjamin he is the software salesman trying to find love on the abc hit reality tv show. he started out with 28 women to choose from. one brought a mini horse to the first date. there was a former bachelor contestant and twins. he said he is confident that is wife is somewhere in the group
12:44 pm
of girls that he narrowed down to 21. he said there's more to the show than meets the eye and letting down the girls one by one is no easy task. you're actually in a relationship with these women. when you watch these shows you watch clips and bits and pieces. when you're in this experiment the relationship has been built over time you're breaking up with somebody. it hurts every time. that's what they say, breaking up is hard to do. what is he looking for? compassion, grace and someone who is not afraid to spend their friday night on the couch. now get this, you'll love this tonight. ben is getting some help on tonight's episode from philadelphia's own kevin hart, the comedian along with ice cube will accompany him on one of his first dates as he starts his journey to find love. that will be hilarious.
12:45 pm
you can watch a new episode of the bachelor tonight at 8:00 followed by bachelor live. kevin heart philly's own on tonight's show. ben said it's good to be on the other side, the one handing out the rose not the one waiting to get one. if he dates the twins, does he get to propose to both of them. >> reporter: i think it is one at a time. dave said only if you move to utah. the revenant won the golden globe. indicate win slet -- winslet won best supporting actor. sylvester stallone won for creed. i want to thank rocky
12:46 pm
balboa for being the best friend i ever had. matt damon won best actor for his role in the film. best actor we know to jennifer lawrence for the movie joy. the full list of winners is at l meteorologist david murphy
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
back inside with a closer look at the frigid forecast. the sun is shining, though, right? >> reporter: the sun is shining, but it's not making much a difference. looking at radar there's nothing going on radar not today, even the satellite is not picking up much cloud cover. action cam outside, you get the picture, blue skies over head. the mailman has his hat on. windy and cold much colder than yesterday, a shock to the system if you were out yesterday. a light winter mix is possible on tuesday evening.
12:49 pm
doesn't look like it will amount to a whole lot, but something to keep your eyes on. 34 degrees is the current temperature, winds out of the west at 30 to 35 miles per hour. it's raw with windchills in the 20s and teens across the region currently and probably staying in the 20s this afternoon. lots of sunshine in place, though, as it looks like the clouds will probably have a hard time spilling over the mountains and getting on down into our neck of the woods. high temperatures across the region not too high, 33 in allentown. 34 in reading this afternoon. 34 in lancaster. 36 in trenton. 38 in wilmington, a little bit milder heading to the shore. a couple of spots like cape may might hit 40. 37 degrees by 3:00 p.m. that's the high in philadelphia. 33 by 5:00. below freezing as soon as 6 or 7:00 p.m. 30 degrees by 9 with an overnight low of 25. the winds will be blustery in the afternoon. after dark they will sets down.
12:50 pm
overnight we'll see them in single digits. windchill values will be part of the problem today. from now until 6:00 p.m. where he stay with the windchills in the low to mid 20s around i-95 and the teens in the north and west. as the temperatures drop the winds die down, but it will be raw. tomorrow up until noon we'll be dry. but during the afternoon hours through 3, 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., scattered snow showers, wet snowflakes down here, possibility of a coating of snow mainly tomorrow night. slow down if you hit that. 37 is the high, windy and colder, windchill values no better than the 20s. rain or snow shower late tomorrow or tomorrow evening. 34. behind that another zap of cold air. wednesday is the most uncomfortable day of the week. 31 is the high, windchills in the teens for most of the time
12:51 pm
on wednesday. and then thursday, partly sunny and 38. 46 degrees on friday with clouds increasing for the weekend it's looking fairly mild. 50 on saturday with periods of on and off rain, mostly cloudy on sunday, a chance of a shower there, as well. it gets better, rick be but not today. the philadelphia chamber music society is kicking off the new year with an old italian sound. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: this is the ensemble's first time ever playing in philadelphia. the chamber society is honored and thrilled to be presenting this world renown period instrument ensemble. the group was founded 26 years ago by lead violinist conductor.
12:52 pm
i want to create my own ensemble and it to be italian about baroque and classical repertiore. the program is titled kiara's diary. life at the orphanage in venice. >> reporter: the piece was inspired by composers of the 1700s. this program will have a duality to it. it will show you the life at the orphanage and how she was inspired. >> reporter: for audiences accustomed to more more than music the sound will be different. they have gut strings the instrument themselves is directly from those early 1700s or late 1600s during the baroque area. >> reporter: they will perform one night only friday january 22
12:53 pm
at 8:00 p.m. for tickets go to the arts in or visit the arts for other area events. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers.
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12:55 pm
amazon is teaming up with the white house to make the president's final state of the union address available online. president obama will make the speech tomorrow night. it will be the first time the state of the union will be put on demand video service. his seven previous speeches will be made available, as well. the president will cover the final state of the union address at 8:00. the address will be streamed live at one last check of the forecast with meteorologist david murphy. >> reporter: you're going out
12:56 pm
for a sunbathing this afternoon or something or a nice jog. maybe some soup. >> reporter: a jog to the soup counters. 33 degrees in allentown that's all you'll see. keep in mind the winds will be strong and blustery we'll have windchills in the allentown and kutztown area in the teens. in the i-95 37 in philadelphia. 38 in salem and middle town. windchills in the low to mid 20s. down by the shore getting close to 40 degrees in a couple of spots, windy and cold. mixture of sun and clouds. winds gusting 30 to 35 miles per hour. it's a hold on to your hat kind of day and have a hood tied on nice and tight. thank you, david. a look at some of the stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. you may be paying way too much for prescription medications and not know it. get the results of an under cover consumer reports shopping
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test today in what's the deal. mark zuckerburg is becoming the biggest trending topics on his own network. he uploaded a picture of his baby daughter during the first round of vaccines. why so many people are divided. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00 p.m., 5, and 6:00 p.m. enjoy the rest of the afternoon, bundle up, we'll see you later. for david murphy, sarah bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams.
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